25th March Celebrations on Ithaca

Greeks love to celebrate, be it their birthday or name day (γιορτη), religious holidays, bank holidays or national days. Whatever the celebration – Greek people celebrate to the full, throwing themselves into the spirit of the day! 25th March in Greece is a national holiday – to celebrate the start of the Greek Uprising/the Greek…Read Article

Carnival Season

Carnival season in Greece (“Apokries”) starts 3 weeks before Easter. Fancy dress processions through the streets, dancing groups and music bands. Bystanders throw confetti, streamers and sometimes firecrackers. Vathy Carnival Procession Clean Monday (“Katheri Leftera”) marks the beginning of Lent when meat, dairy and eggs are avoided by those who observe it. If the sun…Read Article

Best 4 Tips for Parking at Airports at the Ionian

Top Tips for Airport Parking Let’s face it: compared to the excitement, promise and glamour of almost all other aspects of preparing for a holiday, parking at the airport is probably the least attractive. But consider the problems that can arise when trying to park in any other situation. Unexpected difficulties can often arise and…Read Article

Winter Weather on Ithaca

This Blog was written by our Ionian Villas manager on Ithaca, Sue White. Sue lived on Kefalonia for 18 years and has now been living on Ithaca for 5 years. Sue is a taxi driver on Ithaca – one of twelve drivers. Sue looks after our clients and is able to give a valuable, personal insight into…Read Article

Ionian Villas Celebrates 5 Years of Success

Ionian Villas is coming up to its 5th birthday. With a big thank you to our guests over these 5 years, our Ionian programme has grown to feature over 200 properties. We continue to visit all the properties each year. Our new properties for 2017 are: 1-bedroom properties: Olitsi Apartment on Paxos; Lydia on Kefalonia; Fassoulou’s on…Read Article

Fiscardo Before the Sun Umbrella Invasion

Fiscardo is undoubtedly one of the most colourful and prettiest ports in the Ionian. In 1953 an earthquake destroyed all Kefalonia buildings except those in Fiscardo and a few outlying villages. In my early Greek Islands Club days we took on a small programme of village houses for those visitors wanting to spend lazy days…Read Article

New Year Newsletter 2015

Escape to the Ionian Another year goes by and despite the unrest in different parts of the world, now is a good time to make plans for one or more escapes in 2016. Our finger on the pulse of holiday bookings to the Greek islands tells us that the larger villas in August are being…Read Article

Greece to Continue to rely on Tourism In or Out of the EU

Whether Greece stays in the Euro and/or the European Community or not, she will continue to depend on tourism as one of her most important income opportunities. Thousands of visitors each year to the smaller Greek islands have a serious impact on local infrastructures. Over time these islands will inevitably lose part of their culture, traditions,…Read Article

Newsletter for 2015

Ionian Villas is 3 years old. We have so far booked Ionian island properties for just over 1,500 people and we are now arranging villa holidays for their friends and friends of friends. We wish you a Healthy & Happy New Year and hope to see you again sometime. We have added some new properties…Read Article

The New Loggos Bakery

This photo of Paxos was taken in the mid 1970’s (I think) – you will notice: Loukas’ new bakery shop being completed. The bread oven is still behind the village church. Next door is the Dipli Akti cafenion – now the Roxy Bar. In those days all the waterfront tables and chairs wobbled on uneven…Read Article

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