How to catch your own Whitebait in the Ionian

1. Book a holiday with Ionian Villas to stay on an uncrowded Ionian island.

2. Buy a medium-sized round Tupperware bowl (lid not needed) & a piece of cloth/muslin and some string.

3. Order chicken for dinner at one of the waterfront tavernas. Take the chicken bones home with you.

4. Put chicken bones in Tupperware bowl. Stretch cloth over the open bowl and tie it securely around the sides with string. Make a hole in the centre of the cloth the size of a 5p piece.

5. Pack swimmers, lashings of feta cheese, oil, bread, chilled retsina and the bowl of bones and head for the beach.

6. Submerge bowl in the shallow water and leave resting on the bottom.

7. Check to see how many fish have entered the bowl & empty fish into a plastic bag and start again.


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