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Photo – Greek island travel at sunriseIf, like me, you know what PJ Proby looked like and you owned at least one pair of flared loons, you most probably visited a series of Greek islands when you were in your late teens/early twenty’s.

Ferries were cheap and ubiquitous. A few hundred Drachma would pay for a waterfront room and a plate of lemony squid and a crunchy salad. A carefree attitude, a simple local lifestyle and a sense of intrepidity (no job to go back to) often meant catching another ferry to another island on a spur of the moment whim.

Then one gets older. A family happens. A job constricts. Comfort becomes more important. The cost of living in Euro Greece becomes higher. One is more trepid in travel planning.

My wife and I have Ionian island hopped on many occasions over many years. The travel and accommodation has varied but connections have been convenient and memories of the travel have always been good. When escaping from a stressful lifestyle it might seem best to stay in one holiday place but to experience two or more islands during one holiday can be uplifting and more memorable. It also makes a holiday seem longer than it is – two experiences are better than just the one.

Even if you only have one week for a holiday it would be possible to combine a few days on Paxos and AntiPaxos; Paxos and Corfu; Paxos and Lefkas; Corfu and Lefkas; Lefkas and Cephalonia; Lefkas and Ithaca; Cephalonia and Ithaca – but a week on each would be better.

At Ionian Villas we can arrange comfortable accommodation for your island hopping experience and we can help tailor-make your itinerary. There are different travel options for each island combination – call us on 01903 717874 to see if something appeals. Try something different this year!

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