Your private balcony over the Ionian sea

Paxos offers a simple escape from a crowded world outside.

The tiny port of Loggos, on Paxos’ east coast, has a waterfront of 5 tavernas and 3 cafe bars. Set back from the waterfront are 3 minimarkets, a bakery and the village church. No music bars here – just laid back simplicity and a relaxing opportunity to watch people and the brightly coloured fishing boats.

Levrecchio beach is a walk of 2 minutes. An olive grove borders the beach and frames the dining area of Spiros’ taverna, which serves appertising mezes to the tunes of the lapping sea.

Mermaid Cottage has one of the most sought after locations within Loggos. Not for those aspiring to villa opulence but a romantic haven for those seeking a simple island village retreat with a cafe bar as one neighbour and the expanse of the Ionian sea as another.

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